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About ARP Wave

More and more, after medical examination and diagnosis, athletes and individuals with injuries are finding relief through the use of electrical stimulus such as the ARPwavemachine. The ARPwave delivers custom-tailored electrical waves to muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons that are designed to promote healing.



  • Accelerated recovery from injury

  • Accelerated rehabilitation from surgery

  • Eliminating chronic pain

  • Advanced athletic training

The electrical stimulation device (the ARP) possesses specification characteristics that are not found in any conventional therapeutic neuromuscular electrical stimulator (interferential, microcurrent, galvanic, Russian stim, iontophoresis). The ARP uses direct current (DC) compounded with a high frequency double exponential, patented background waveform.


This background wave is harmonious with the body and significantly reduces skin and fatty tissue impedance allowing much deeper penetration of the direct current without the side effects of skin burning. Also, the unique waveform produces minimal protective muscle contractions allowing active range of motion during therapy and training. This permits eccentric (lengthening) contractions to occur which are critical to treatment.

The APR Wave Device

The ARP RX 100 is a Class 2 medical device FDA authorized for the following uses:


  • Muscle Reeducation: Eliminating compensation patterns

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms: Reducing pain in the affected muscles

  • Increased local blood circulation: Shown to speed up healing

  • Prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy: Quickly builds muscle strength

  • Maintaining and increasing range of motion: Designed to increase your muscles ability to absorb force and prevent muscle related injury. READ MORE..

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