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If the World's Top Professional Athletes trust their Multi-Million dollar careers to the ARP Wave System, you KNOW it works!


Names such as Arnold Palmer, Tim Thomas, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille Oneal, Dwight Freeney, Blake Griffin to name a few, in addition to 500 NFL, 250 NBA, 150 MLB, and 300 NHL players.

ARP Wave System Short Patient Testimonials


“I tweaked my hamstring in the Olympics and was told I would not be able to run the 200. I was devastated but a team mate told me about the ARP Wave system. After going through 4 sessions I ran my best time and got the bronze medal in the 100 and 200.” - Walter Dix


"I tore my ACL skiing and was told it did not need surgery but it would take months before I could ski again. I went into the ARP Wave system and skied the following week without pain. I have been skiing for 5 years now and still no pain. I think EVERY doctor should offer this.” - Dave Denver CO


" came into your clinic with a torn acl and told I would be able to resume competition in two weeks and I did.”-John MN“10 days and no pain that I have had for over 10 years. Thank you ARP Wave system.”  - Tasha PA


"I was involved in an auto accident 20 years ago which left me with severe neck and back pain. I am a nurse and was treated by the best physical therapists and doctors available at the Mayo clinic with no change in symptoms. As a last resort tried the ARP Wave system. In the very first session my back pain was gone. I licensed the system and am so happy I tried the system. I have my life back.” - Cindy MN


"I was told by my neighbor about your system two days after my hip surgery. I went through the ARP Wave system and in 5 weeks I was playing golf better than I did prior to surgery. Thank you.” - Dave Reid Rochester NY


“I did the ARP Wave system prior to going to PT and my physical therapist was amazed at my rapid progress.” - John B, New Orleans


I went through the ARP Wave system prior to and after my quad tendon surgery. My surgeon said he never had a patient recover as fast as I did. I was playing soccer in 5 weeks. Thank you.” Mario Florence Italy


"I was diagnosed with jumpers knee and my physio recommended the ARP Wave system in addition to his therapy. We were both amazed at how quickly my symptoms vanished and how strong I became.” - Chaine S , Amsterdam


"I sprained my ankle and was told by my medical staff I would not be able to play basketball for three weeks. I was referred to the ARP Wave system by my coach and I did not miss a game.” - Kevin Burnett NC


“I was told I had plantar fasciitis 6 years ago and have had excruciating pain even after seeing a foot doctor. My neighbor told me about the ARP Wave system so I went through the program THANK you so much NO PAIN.” - Beverly CT


"I was diagnosed as an incomplete CV and told I would not ever walk. I was referred to the ARP Wave system and now I am able to stand on my own in just 6 months.” - Michael D Des Moines Iowa


"I have MS and was confined to a wheelchair with severe pain and tremors until I was treated with the ARP Wave system which I now license.” - Peter Hamburg Germany


“I have seen three separate specialists for my carpal tunnel with no relief. I had nothing to lose so I tried the ARP Wave system and to my amazement I am pain free.” -Denise SD“


I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and was prescribed by my doctor physical therapy. After 5 sessions I heard of the ARP Wave system and after my first session my physical therapist asked me what did you do? In one session I had all but eliminated my motion problem.” - Samuel H AZ


"I was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of RSDS my doctor had ever seen. I was in suicidal pain in my back for years and only heavy doses of medication would put a dent in the pain. I was referred by my doctor to the ARP Wave system and after the very first session my pain was almost gone.” - Dwayne C ND


“I was diagnosed with a frozen foot. After 3 surgeries I still could not wear heels, run, or stand on my feet for over 10 minutes without pain. I could not bend the foot at all. After 1 session with the ARP Wave system I went up on my toes without pain. In 10 sessions I was running. Thank you for giving me my life back.”- Linda MN


“I had shoulder surgery and was prescribed physical therapy and I had heard about the ARP Wave system so I did both. My therapist did not know I was also doing the ARP Wave system and daily as I showed faster and faster recovery he would comment how I was a fast healer.” -Dan J SD


“I strained my back and could not get out of bed for days. I read about the ARP Wave system and gave it a try. It was amazing how fast my back issue was resolved.” - Mike B OR“


I have had 4 hip surgeries and was left with very limited range of motion. My doctor referred me to the ARP Wave system as a last resort and we both were amazed at the results.” - Gary MN


"I was told eventually I would need knee replacement but for right now go to physical therapy. I went through 10 sessions of physical therapy with very little change. I just do not think the number of visits prescribed was enough for my issue. Still in pain with limited activity I tried your ARP Wave system. Thank you for giving me my life back no pain doing anything including running my first marathon.” - Brandon B WI“


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago and have lived in intense pain until now. I licensed the ARP Wave system and use it every day. Without the system I had no quality of life. With the system I am able to have an active lifestyle.” 

- Gretchen CT


"I had a concussion and was treated for 10 weeks and I still had headaches and stiff neck muscles. My coach told me about the ARP Wave system and in 10 days I was symptom free and back playing hockey.” - Dan S MA“


In 2000 I was diagnosed with mortons neuroma I think this is correct spelling. All I know is my foot killed me. I tried everything my doctor recommended but I still limped due to the pain.My son who plays in the NFL told me about Denis with ARP Wave. I contacted him and began the ARP Wave system. The first session was instant relief for hours. I went through the system and licensed like my son and am pain free.” - Hugh S PA


"I was plagued with muscle tear injuries every season. As a professional soccer player I was always hurt. Our team contracted the ARP Wave system and after I began the system I have had no muscle tears.” - Mario S Florence Italy


"My doctor has treated me for headaches for years. I am now headache free thank you Arp Wave system.” - Bonnie UT


"I had rotator cuff surgery and after weeks of physical therapy I still had pain and could not raise my arm above parallel. That was 8 years ago and every year it bothers me more. My doctor heard about your system and said we have tried everything I know of why not try this ARP Wave system. Well after 5 sessions I had full range of motion.” - Dale CA


"I was diagnosed with a chronic sprained ankle. After two years of off and on therapy, braces, and a cane I was at my witts end. It hurt all the time. One of my patients told me about a story they red about Dwight Freeney and a treatment program that he did. Well I tried the ARP Wave system and feel great. No pain no cane.” - Jim F NM


“My dentist has been treating my TMJ for years with limited success. He told me to try the ARP Wave system as a last resort. In three sessions I was able to open my mouth much further and had very little pain.” - Dwain T TX


“I strained my MCL and was told by the team medical staff I would miss 2-3 weeks. Our trainer contacted Denis at ARP Wave and he treated me with the ARP Wave system and played that week and had one of my best games.” - JR Dallas TX


"I am 75 years old and have AVN of the hip. I tried the ARP Wave system after my son told me about it. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you.” - Bertha S NC


“I have been treated for scoliosis for 6 years with no noticeable results until I was treated with the ARP Wave system. The results are nothing short of remarkable according to my doctor. Thank you.” - Tyson C SC


“I suffered a stroke and lost all sensation on my left side. My doctor sent me to physical therapy. My physical therapist told me about a system he heard of that had worked well for some of his other patients. I tried the ARP Wave system along with my physical therapy and it has been a wonderful experience. My left side is back. What a combo.” - Brian M AZ“


I tore my ACL and the surgeon told me they could not do surgery with all the swelling and inflammation I had. He told me it would take about 10 days and to rest. My trainer told me about the ARP Wave system and after 3 days I was able to have surgery since all the swelling and inflammation was gone.” - Bryan SF CA


“My surgeon told me that I was not a candidate for surgery at this time so he sent me to physical therapy. On my own I decided to try your ARP Wave system before I went to physical therapy. When I went to physical therapy I had full range of motion and very little pain. What a difference. I am a believer. Three years earlier I tore my other knee up and went to physical therapy and still have problems with it. I would recommend doing the ARP Wave system before any physical therapy and then do physical therapy. What a difference.” - Bill S VA

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