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How it Works


Essentially, the muscles of the body are controlled by electrical impulses. When there’s an injury a “short-circuit” develops in the muscles’ electrical system.


The technology used by ARPwave helps locate the origin of the short-circuit and then it can rapidly repair it. The short circuit in the body’s communication can be identified and actually can assist in the repair. ARPwavetechnologies can help correct how the body communicates with the brain to repair itself. By understanding and working in harmony with the body's muscular system, ARPwave can help your body naturally heal itself.


ARP uses a patented bio-electrical current, simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques, to significantly speed up the body's natural recuperative ability. The ARPwave has variable power output allowing the machine to be used for loosening and cool-downs before and after exercise and competition. This variable also allows the machine to be used for muscle spasms, soreness and tight muscles.

At No Cost to You – You Can Visit a Local ARP System Network Doctor & Evaluate for Yourself How Effective the ARP Wave System is in Eliminating Pain & Building Range-of-Motion Affordable for any Budget & Accepted by Insurance


No Pain, No Fear, No Sales Pressure & No Obligation – the ARP Wave System is Authorized by the FDA, Affordable and Accepted by Insurance. We do Everything Possible to Make it Very Straightforward and Easy to Visit a Local System Network Doctor to

See how the ARP Wave System Might Benefit You.


The System That Helps the Body Heal Itself

The ARP Wave System is a branch of soft tissue medicine which deals with the Neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms. The main function of the system of treatment is to locate the origin of your pain, treat that pain from the spot it started to where it ended up and then quickly retrain your body to work again at its optimal best.


The ARP Wave System features a state of the art patented electrical modality

classified by the FDA as a class 2 medical device and is combined with

one-of-a kind system protocols and testing techniques


  • The ARP Wave System has been proven to be a very effective treatment for those who have been told they need surgery as well as those who have already had surgery

  • Is a highly effective preparation for physical therapy and is used for increasing Range of Motion & decreasing pain PRIOR to physical therapy

  • Has been proven effective at the highest level by elite athletes and athletic teams throughout the world

  • The ARP Wave System treats thousands of patients Worldwide every year and has been proven effective on all types of chronic pain such as RSDS and Fibromyalgia as well as injuries such as ankle sprains, strained tendons or ligaments. The ARP Wave System can dramatically reduce recovery time from weeks to days.


If you have back pain, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, knee injuries, tendonitis or other chronic musculoskeletal issues, chances are good that you have tried many different remedies. Let us explain why the ARP Wave System may be your answer.


Addressing the Cause of Injury – Our Muscles are Designed to Absorb the Force of Our Movement – When They Stop Doing This Injury OccursForce enters our body throughout our normal daily routine. Whether it’s performing the movement required to sit or stand or playing athletic sports we are always putting force upon the body. It is the job of our muscles to absorb this ever-present force. When the nervous system is activating the muscles properly they are able to absorb force and the body functions as it should.


Injuries occur to a specific area of the body when the muscles in that area are not properly doing their job of absorbing the force that is present in our everyday lives or sports activities. The force that should be absorbed by the muscle is instead being absorbed by our tendons, ligaments, cartilage, vertebral discs or other areas which are not designed to handle these forces and an injury can be the result.


There are 3 Factors to any Injury:

  1. A neurological disconnect occurs – the nervous system is not sending the proper signal to the muscles to absorb force and function correctly and so the force is transferred to areas not designed to absorb it.

  2. When this disconnect occurs it results in the development of inflammation – this inflammation can be felt as pain in an entirely different area than where the injury occurred (where you are injured is not necessarily where you feel pain).

  3. This also results in a rapid loss of strength in the area.


Where You Have Pain is Where the Problem Ended Up NOT Where it is Coming From


What’s unique about the ARP Wave System is that we quickly identify and resolve pain directly at the root source – then our specially designed system protocols are designed to quickly bring the area back to strength and optimal functionality. Unlike traditional medicine we don’t just treat the symptoms (only where it’s hurting) – our unique system identifies and treats the original cause of injury which also corrects the area where you are experiencing the pain.


Cellular Disruption Location (CDL) – the revolutionary approach of the ARP Wave System is that the focus is placed on tracing the pain and neurological disconnect right back to its source and then eliminating both the pain and correcting its cause.


Traditionally therapies have attempted to treat your pain at the spot where you are hurting. Through a straightforward and essentially painless system of discovery called Cellular Disruption Location (CDL) – The ARP Wave System pinpoints exactly where the actual root of the problem is. For example, your lower back may be in pain, but the root of the problem may be a weakness in one of your ankles.


We treat the problem at its origin and then the unique ARP Wave System treatment protocols retrain the nervous system to send the correct signal to your muscles to absorb force so that your body can function as designed.


We Treat the Injury at the Origin and Also Eliminate the Out-of-Balance Compensation Patterns that Lead to Injury


When an injury occurs the body tends to involve other parts of the body in movement to compensate for the injured area. This leads to the body being out of balance and this compensation can lead to pain and additional injury in what can sometimes seem like an unrelated area.


When we identify and treat the source of the pain and then retrain to erase the out-of-balance compensation – we not only heal but also help prevent future injury.


This unique approach, combined with ARP Wave System technology, allows us to pinpoint the origin of pain, eliminate that pain back to its source then re-train the nervous system to stop compensation patterns and rebuild joint mobility and muscle strength.


Our Straightforward System of Treatment is Based on Neurology to Repair the Injury and Help Prevent Future


How it Works:

  1. We first want to know if the nervous system is working correctly to signal the muscles to absorb the force of activity. Finding the answer to this question is accomplished with a simple and painless muscle test. If there is a disconnect we identify the neurological origin of this disconnect to discover where the disruption is and thus where the pain is originating from.

  2. We repair the damage done from this disconnect & injury and retrain the body to function properly using the proprietary ARP Wave system and protocols

  3. Once the problem has been reversed and the damage corrected we strengthen the area and build the muscles ability to properly absorb force using a safe and effective protocol of isometrics.


The ARP Wave System works on a large number of injuries and issues such as:


  • Healing injuries without surgery

  • Substantially accelerating the healing of injuries post surgery

  • Healing issues such as sprains & tears very quickly


The ARP Wave System has had a high success rate for avoiding many types of orthopedic surgeries including:


  • Torn ACLKnee Surgery

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Herniated Disk

  • Hip Surgery

  • Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Carpel Tunnel & More


And the list of conditions the ARP Wave System can work on is extensive


  • Knee Injuries

  • Muscle Injury

  • Chronic muscle pain

  • Arthritis

  • Tension Headaches

  • RSDChronic Pain

  • Plantar FasciitisTennis Elbow

  • Migraine HeadachesNumbing/Tingling

  • Loss of flexibility

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms

  • Prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy

  • Muscle re-education 

  • Maintaining and increasing range of motion

  • & Many more


Post-surgical Rehabilitation – the ARP Wave System can accelerate muscle rehabilitation of the following:


  • Shoulder

  • Elbow

  • Wrist

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Ankle

  • Foot

  • Cervical and Lumbar spine


The Science Behind the ARP Wave System

The ARP Wave System is centered on a proprietary device called the RX100. The RX100 was developed on the principle of applying the dramatic cellular effects of direct current for clinical use. However, the RX100 is an improvement over traditional direct current in that the RX100 produces a unique current wave that is harmonious to the body. This means your body accepts the current instead of protecting against it – allowing it to penetrate deeply without resistance and pain.


Relaxing & Lengthening the Muscles without Pain

Traditionally direct current devices contract the muscle which can cause discomfort during treatment. The muscle contracts to protect damaged tissue typically resulting in more pain and less range-of-motion as the muscle works to protect.


Because the unique ARP Wave System and the use of the RX100 is harmonious to the body – the muscle does not contract in defense but relaxes and lengthens during treatment to accept much more powerful healing than traditional therapies. Getting the muscle to relax instead of contracting is fundamental to increased range of motion, more blood flow into the area and pain reduction.


Another benefit of the RX100 is the 2nd frequency involved. This second wave is called a background wave and can be thought of as neurological, while the active wave is physiological. The two waves combine to cause a highly variable wave which interacts with all tissues of the body.


Though the ARP Wave System is a new and unique technology, it is firmly grounded in the latest science and is also FDA authorized. To date, thousands of clinical cases have demonstrated the results. Compared to the clinically-predicted outcomes, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the time required to reverse a wide variety of acute and chronic issues.


The ARP Wave System of Treatment


STEP 1 – Neuro In Balance

We call the first step in the ARP Wave system Neuro In Balance. In this phase we are looking to establish the foundation necessary for healing by finding the point in the nervous system where there is a disruption in the proper signal to the muscles.This neurological blockage is preventing the proper signals to be relayed from the nervous system to the muscles. We use the ARP Wave System to unblock the signal opening the path for the body to send the correct signals to the injured area.We want to “turn on” the muscles ability to properly absorb force. When the proper signal is being sent to the muscles they can effectively do their job of keeping force away from the injured area. We are now ready to begin the healing process.


STEP 2 – ARP Wave System Treatment

In this step we are ready to use the electronic ARP Wave System modality as well as the ARP Wave System movement and exercise protocols to rid the body of unproductive compensation patterns and restore optimal function.


First we identify where the actual injury occurred and identify those specific muscles that could not absorb force which led to injury.Identifying this area allows us to activate the muscles with the ARP Wave System while simultaneously having the patient perform specifically designed movements to eliminate and reprogram compensation patterns. This process is empowering the muscles to keep more and more force away from the area that is injured which significantly reduces the chances of further aggravating injury during the process.


At the same time the ARP Wave System is drawing massive amounts of healing blood into the area to flush inflammation out allowing the body to better heal itself.


By introducing the movement referenced above we are able to treat the injury while also concurrently gaining joint mobility and building strength. Being able to work on these components all at once allows us to significantly speed up the healing and recovery process. We are now ready to move on to building strength and fully rehabilitating the area.


STEP 3 – Strength Rehabilitation

In the rehabilitation stage we want to train the muscles to work optimally so that we significantly reduce the risk of re-injury due to incorrect muscle function. We build and reinforce this proper movement so that our patient can get back to living a pain-free active lifestyle.


We use a cutting-edge system of advanced isometrics to train the muscles without the need for movement so we cut down on risk of reinjury.


The ARP Wave System causes the muscles to elongate in contraction allowing the muscles to absorb more force. We are able to induce contractions at a very high velocity so that even though there is no movement the muscles are turning on as if they are in a maximal movement effort.


This allows us to dramatically improve strength and performance in a shorter period of time as compared to traditional forms of training and allows our patients to get back to an active lifestyle more quickly.


Why Does the ARP Wave System Work Faster than Traditional Therapy?

The ARP Wave System deals with the neurological side of the injury. We are dealing with the nervous system and the brain – what controls the movement.When you have an injury and try to move the affected area the brain sends the signal – I need to protect this area – something is wrong. In the ARP Wave System we neurologically send the signal to the brain that there is no limitation any longer. We get to the last step before we get to the first step.


When the brain does not believe there is a problem it essentially allows us to quickly work right past the obstacle by introducing movement and range-of-motion into the equation.


Basically, we do things from a different angle and which allows us to produce results very fast. Traditional physical therapy consistently fights to overcome the brain’s signal that says – I can’t allow you to perform this movement right now.The ARP Wave System immediately changes that signal instead of fighting it – removing the body’s natural resistance neurologically. We do this in a way that is natural to the body and brings our patients back to optimal health more quickly.


Experience the ARP Wave System Revolution at No Cost and No Obligation.


CONTACT US to set up your free evaluation!

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